Puffin Web Browser Free

5.2.2 สำหรับ iPhone



Don't let flash websites stop you



Puffin Web Browser Free is a web browser whose main difference between Safari and the rest of the iOS browsers is that it allows you to load any flash website perfectly.

This means that you can watch any video or play any games that require flash without having any problems. The only inconvenience is that depending on the website and the type of flash required, it might load quite slowly. But, better a slow loading website than no website at all.

Besides this 'small detail', Puffin Web Browser is a quite normal browser with a tab system of its own and the option of blocking automatic pop-ups. Furthermore, it usually loads websites faster than other browsers.

Puffin Web Browser Free is a very impressive browser, given that loading flash websites (plus all the multimedia they require) is something specially new in iOS devices.
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